PETER W. MICHEL, Sculptor     Sculpture in Celebration of Self, Relationship and Community
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Folk Circle Mandala in Atlanta
Sitting Folk Totem 3 Support Circle palm sculpture
."Folk Circle Mandala",  Sitting Folk Totem 1,  Fathers and Sons Totem,  Sitting Folk Totem 3,  Support Circle Palm Sculpture (with desktop stand)
Sitting Folk Totem 2 Sculpture Internationale 2002 - Atlanta Sitting Folk Totem 1
."Sitting Folk Totem 2" ,  Display System,  Folk Mandala (Ta Da),  Sitting Folk Totem 1
Team Blue Atlanta10 Folk Mandala (Yea)
 "Team Blue" ,  "Mind Folk", Fathers and Sons Totem",  Folk Mandala (Yea),
The Couple Wake Up (Transactions of the Mind) Transactions of the Mind Series
 "The Couple" ,  "'Wake Up' (Transactions of the Mind)",   Transactions of the Mind series:  "Dozing", 'Wake Up',  "Dancing"
The Dance
Fathers and Sons
The Kiss
 "The Dance" ,   "Fathers and Sons",  The Kiss"
Permanent Wave
Permanent Wave
Folk Circle Mandala
Mind Folk
 "Permanent Wave",   "Folk Circle Mandala",  "Mind Folk"
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