PETER W. MICHEL, Sculptor     Sculpture in Celebration of Self, Relationship and Community
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"FATHERS AND SONS" copyright   1999 by Peter W. Michel.      
CAD drawing of "Fathers and Sons" This sculpture is a symbol/expression of community - a celebration of  relationship and the spirit of playfulness.  It symbolizes the support structure provided by fathers upon which their sons can play, grow and become men ... 

At the left is a computer drawing of 
"Fathers and Sons"
See information about a World Wide Public Art Project: 

Fathers and Sons  A painted brass model with a 5-3/8" base was on display at the Vedanta Gallery in Chicago from January 15 thru February 12, 1999.  The model was a proposal for "Pier Walk '99"  for Chicago's Navy Pier. 

Juror Brooke Barrie, Director and curator for "Grounds for Sculpture" in Hamilton, New Jersey, selected "Fathers and Sons" for inclusion in "Pier Walk '99"

Fathers and Sons wood tabletop sculpture At the left is a 24" high painted wood version of "Fathers and Sons."   It was on display at the Edith Barrett Art Gallery at Utica College, in Utica, New York from April 11 through May 16, 1999 and at the Chicago Children's Museum on the Navy Pier during the months of July and August. 

This is a limited edition sculpture

An image of this piece is a Chapter heading in the College Textbook:  Educational Psycholgy 8th edition by Anita Woolfolk  2001

Fathers and Sons in Chicago "FATHERS AND SONS" in CHICAGO 

At the left is the 10'-0" tall painted aluminum "Fathers and Sons" shown at "PierWalk '99" on Chicago's Navy Pier from May 5 thru November 7, 1999.  The base is 10'-6" in diameter. 

Click on image to left to see more photos of this piece and information on Pier Walk '99   

 See enlarged images

Fathers and Sons in Urbana On November 8th & 9th 
"Fathers and Sons" was moved to a new home at the Wandell Sculpture Garden at Meadowbrook Park in Urbana, Ilinois

See enlarged image
Fathers and Sons moving
Richard Louv in his book FatherLove ... speaks of fatherhood as the fullest expression of manhood. 

"a man who feels beaten down by the demands of work and caring for the daily needs of his children can become refreshed and invigorated by moving into the third dimension" (of fatherhood: community buildingeg. "creating a community of fathers that support one another." 
      - FatherLove  p. 9   italics are paraphrased 

Fathers and Sons
A man can make something greater available to his children when he stands on the sholders of other men.


Check out this link:  The Fatherhood Project, a project of the Families and Work Institute.
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Fathers and Sons Totem Fathers & Sons Totem (detail)  "Fathers and Sons Totem"  painted wood, 6'-8" high, 22" in diameter.  Limited edition work.  Artist proof   copyright 1998 

Elements of this piece can be moved, disassembled, and reassembled in different configurations. Like a puzzle/game.

Also see Totems and Expressions of Community pages

All images and text Copyright   1983-2010  Peter W. Michel
A World Wide Public Art Project: Celebrating Fathers & Sons

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Work by Title

 1983-2008 by Peter W. Michel                Posted 01-09-1999   updated 04-05-2017
 Peter W. Michel, sculptor  185 Brookside Lane Fayetteville, NY 13066  315-632-4780